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Automatic Electric Garage Doors

Your garage door is pretty much all that’s standing between the car and other storage items in your garage and nature. Much like a car, garage door needs regular maintenance and replacement after their usefulness has reached its end or you need an upgrade. However, proper maintenance can help increase the life of a garage door if you are not planning on making the investment for a replacement soon, then regular maintenance is your best bet.

We also supply install merlin and all brand automatic garage door, electric garage door.


Whatever your needs may be, repair, maintenance or a completely new installation our services are ready to facilitate you. Our reliable workmanship sets us apart from others and you will find working with us a pleasant experience. Speaking of experience, our experts have quite a bit under their belts and you automatic garage problems will be a thing of the past in no time.


If your pre-installed automatic garage door is getting rusty or making noises we are just a call away. In fact, we are more than happy to give you a quotation along with some expert advice prior to your booking with our services.


Besides brand new automatic garage door installations for a tilt, a roller or a panel lift sectional door, we are also equipped with the workmanship required to provide you with garage openers for all brands. The best part is that we offer same day services, so if you are in a hurry to get your garage door problems out of the way, ABD Garage Doors can get the job done. Ryan a call 0430 925 298


We pride ourselves in having a solution for all your garage door difficulties if your garage door is no longer lifting with finger touch and is jamming on its way up you need to call in our experts immediately. We are equipped with the tools to repair your automatic garage door. Neglecting these problems in their early stages can become a problem in the long run and in some cases the damage becomes irreparable.


Proactive measures can be taken to ensure that such problems do not occur in the first place. These include a regular maintenance over a course of 12 months or so where our experts examine the spring tension in your door along with track alignment, mechanical errors, lubrication of moving parts and checking if the limit switches need resetting


You can always book a regular check with our service and eliminate the stress of dealing with a noisy or jammed garage door, automatic garage door, electric garage door.


Our promise is reliability and we keep it by giving our clients the right advice for their garage doors as well are elongating its lifespan. Moreover, we also provide consultation for the most suitable door for your space. Not all houses need an automatic garage door and nor all manual doors can handle varying demands of storage in a garage. Our services are just a call away if you are looking for a garage door solution ring us up. Ryan a call at 0430 925 298

0430 925 298
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